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Well of course you can! Just do it. If you see erronious information, fix it. If you see a typo, fix it. If you have enormous swathes of information to add, go right ahead.

All edits are subject to review and can possibly be rolled back, but all edits are immediate.

Guidelines Edit

  • Maintain proper grammar and spelling
  • Always portray information as accurately as possible.
    • If information is nonexistent but you have something to add, and maybe it's not 100% certain, make a note on the page (whether with an asterisk* and a footnote or with [square brackets] and a message from you) to indicate its uncertainty. Wiki content within square brackets is to be for editors' notes.
    • Or leave a comment instead
  • No profanities
  • Minimal slang
  • Try to consistently follow the Kingdom Wiki Language Guidelines so as to maintain some standard nomenclature across the game.

Kingdom Wiki Language Guidelines Edit

  • Never use "you" or "I", and try to avoid using "the player". In many cases, the word "the Monarch" can be used instead
  • Always use the Monarch instead of the King or the Queen, as it's gender neutral and the game plays the same one way or the other.
  • The Kingdom may refer to the general ideal of the Monarch's lands, or it may more realistically refer to the extent of the player's civilization. Past that might be known as the Plains & the Forest or the Wilderness.
    • [This might need fact checking... It may be written otherwise on some pages, using "the Kingdom" to mean the entire map]
  • Town Center shall be the collective name for all iterations of the large, upgradable structure in the center of the Kingdom.
    • Starting Camp is appropriate when referring to the first few stages of development, which is made of tents.
    • Lodge or Town Hall, etc. is appropriate when referring to the fourth and fifth stages of development, when a wooden structure appears.
    • Keep is preferable over Castle when referring to the final (stone) stages of the Town Center, however both names are acceptable. This is simply because a castle implies a much taller, more heavily fortified building.
  • The tools Farmers use are scythes. Sickles are a different, handheld farming tool. Sithe is an archaic spelling, not to be used anywhere on the wiki other than with regards to the Statue of Sithe.
  • The Blazon is the kingdom's crest, or symbolic image. See Blazons. While Blazon is preferred, Crest is another appropriate name.

Standard NPC Names Edit

  • Vagrants shall refer to the wanderers living in the forest, dressed in brown rags. Other acceptable names include Peasants, Vagabonds, Ne'er-do-wells, Wanderers, Hobos, Beggars, Lost Souls, etc.
  • Subjects shall refer to all people of the Kingdom other than Vagrants. Other language such as Townsfolk, Townspeople, Citizens, etc. is acceptable.
  • The standard names for the five usual classes of Subjects of the kingdom are Villagers, Archers, Builders (or Workers), Farmers, and Knights.
  • Peasants may not refer to the colorfully robed Villagers, as the name may be confused with Vagrants
  • The Knights' recruited Archers (sporting the Kingdom's colors) are to be called Squires. Soldiers may collectively refer to Knights and their Squires.
  • Archers who spend their time on foot hunting rabbits and deer may be called Hunters.
  • The three specialized Subjects are The Merchant, The Banker (or The Financier), and The Hermits.
  • The three Hermits are the Ballista Hermit (or Hermit of Tide), the Bakery Hermit (or Hermit of Baking), and the Knight Hermit (or Hermit of Valor).

Templates Edit

These are only really usable while editing in source mode

  • Icons:
    • Type {{KC}} to produce classicIcon Classic
    • Type {{KNL}} to produce newlandsIcon NewLands
    • Type {{KTC}} to produce twocrownsIcon Question
    • Type {{Coin}} to produce coinIcon Coin
  • The Navbox has two different styles.
    • {{MasterNavbox}} produces
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