Vagrants are neutral NPCs occupying camps located in the forest. They are essential to Kingdom functions, as hiring them is the only way for the Kingdom to expand its population.

Other names include beggars, lost souls, homeless, wanderers, etc.

Behavior and RecruitmentEdit

They can be recruited at any time by dropping a single coin nearby, which they will run to and pick up. Once recruited, they turn into a Villager and remain such until given a job as an Archer, Builder, Farmer, or Knight. Villagers can be turned back into Vagrants if they are attacked by the Greed, after which they slowly return back their camp, where they will slowly despawn if there are more than two of them at once.

Addition in Kingdom: New LandsEdit

Vagrants can now be attracted to the inner Kingdom by buying bread at a Bakery. After certain amount of time since they spawn, they'll run towards the bakery. It doesn't matter how far the camp is, it applies to all of them as long as there is bread, which they'll keep eating until it runs out, unless they get recruited.

Vagrant CampsEdit

Vagrant Camps are naturally generated structures in the forest where Vagrants spawn. They can only exist in the forest biome, and if the Vagrant Camp has a buffer of a single tree on either side, it can remain in existence. If either tree is cut down, the area is zoned as plains biome and the camp will disappear.

After a Vagrant is recruited away, it takes about half a day to respawn. Camps continue to spawn Vagrants as long as there are fewer than two. Usually the number does not exceed that at any given camp, but upon the world's generation camps can potentially spawn with three or four Vagrants.

Useful TipsEdit

  • When either tree to the sides of a Vagrant Camp are removed, the camp disappears and vagrants stop spawning. Expanding past a Vagrant Camp is only recommended if better opportunities lie beyond.
  • Unlike the Kingdom's townspeople, Vagrants are completely ignored by the Greed. If monsters come nearby, Vagrants freeze in place and return to their routine only after enemies move far away.
  • When all of a camp's Vagrants are recruited, it can be useful to leave an extra coin on the ground. If a new Vagrant spawns before the coin disappears, he can pick it up and join the Kingdom, saving a trip to the camp.

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