(2/3) A King Starts His Kingdom

  • i - My ship has run aground in new lands. There is evidence of a kingdom long past here. I found a haunting letter and a diary detailing a queen's final days before her kingdom fell.
  • xix - Everything is running very well. The farmland is prospering, defenses are strong, and my people work on reconstructing the dilapidated shipwreck we found. The eastern portal was destroyed just yesterday. Two were injured, and zero are dead.
  • xx - Construction on the boat is complete. Western front suffers. The monsters' nightly attacks are growing ever stronger.
  • xxi - Order given to launch the boat. My men are starting the push downriver to shore.
  • xxii - We failed an assault on western portal. We attacked too late in the day and met with rading daemon force. All my men I sent out are now dead.
  • xxiv - A few days have passed since my last entry. We quickly rebuilt using our massive amount of funds. My people destroyed the daemon portal just today! However, a now oncoming horde approaches from the mountains.
  • xxvii - Western fields demolished in the daemons' counterattack. My primary goal is to gather coin and set sail now!
  • xxviii - My world is turned upside down. The night before, the Greed destroyed my outer defenses, so there was no resistance when they swarmed my lands last night. I flee past hundreds of now homeless wanderers. These were once my people, and they all hate me now. I make for my ship.

The crown is safe.

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