(1/3) A Forgotten Queen

[A woman's ghost leads you to an unlit campfire with two vagrants. An envelope lies on the ground, bearing the royal seal of some forgotten monarch. You look up and she is gone. The letter reads the following] My kingdom has survived for thirty days and eight. These are the things I regret most, those which inevitably led to the downfall of my kingdom... Readst these words carefully, and with hope thy kingdom shall surviveth and propereth.

  • Allocating coinage to knights, catapults, and strong defenses opposite the mountains. This is a safe direction, the monsters only cometh from inland.
  • We built a tower outside the defensive wall. Every night, mine archers are defenseless against the flying daemons who consume them. I am losing people every night, and with winter killing the kingdom's crop, we haven't the funds to keep this up much longer.
  • Most of all, I regret spending gold willy-nilly and not stockpiling it before winter came. My people are starving. My defenses are broken and I cannot repair them.

My troops will suffer greatly from the upcoming Blood Moone. I know my kingdom is soon to perish, so learn from my mistakes.

[One of the vagrants hands you a diary he found by the fire. The book is scorched, and you can only make out the final entries]

  • Day xxxix - Westside troops broken; wall has fallen twice now. Rebuilding wall & siege catapult. Will likely not survive the night. And the ship was almost finished...
  • Evening entry - Builders will not finish the wall in time. My kingdom will surely be flattened.
  • xl - Westside outskirts demolished. Troops fought valiantly but in vain and against inevitable odds. Allocating 100% of what little gold we have to building the ship, in the off-chance we survive long enough to see it set sail.
  • Evening - We have one strong wall & one archer. He will not survive. I mean, I likely won't either. Here comes the blood moon...
  • xli - I have fled into the easterly forest. The monsters have run through absolutely everything. Only my eastern wall stands, and they will soon break through even that. Fleeing through the woods to the shore... Goodbye.

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