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  • JavaRogers

    My Playground Page

    May 14, 2018 by JavaRogers

    The main difference is that links across the entire phrase, brackets and all, but links only the name of the target template. (This is more apparent with long templates.)

    Generalized usage:

    Specific example usage

    The fact that has 4 possible iterations is irrelevant. I added the two extra features of disabling the link & removing the inner formatting, but I can easily add those to .

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  • JavaRogers

    A King in New Lands

    April 28, 2017 by JavaRogers
    • i - We have run aground in a new land. The same woman appeared. We will expand our kingdom here the same way as before--First upwards, then outwards. We need a high volume of archers and lots of income, from both farming and hunting. Wide tracts of open land beyond our walls should do for the hunting.
    • Night of i- Monsters from both directions this time... Disturbing.
    • iv - Exploring west, I discovered an inactive daemon portal, much like the ones we found and destroyed before. I found a similar such portal to the east. This is bad news, as my kingdom will need a defense on two fronts now.
    • vi - Cliffs to the west. Sea to the east. A homeless camp exists just to the west of town, so I think we shall expand primarily eastwards so as to keep the h…
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  • JavaRogers
    • i - My ship has run aground in new lands. There is evidence of a kingdom long past here. I found a haunting letter and a diary detailing a queen's final days before her kingdom fell.
    • xix - Everything is running very well. The farmland is prospering, defenses are strong, and my people work on reconstructing the dilapidated shipwreck we found. The eastern portal was destroyed just yesterday. Two were injured, and zero are dead.
    • xx - Construction on the boat is complete. Western front suffers. The monsters' nightly attacks are growing ever stronger.
    • xxi - Order given to launch the boat. My men are starting the push downriver to shore.
    • xxii - We failed an assault on western portal. We attacked too late in the day and met with rading daemon force. …
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  • JavaRogers

    A Forgotten Queen

    April 28, 2017 by JavaRogers

    [A woman's ghost leads you to an unlit campfire with two vagrants. An envelope lies on the ground, bearing the royal seal of some forgotten monarch. You look up and she is gone. The letter reads the following] My kingdom has survived for thirty days and eight. These are the things I regret most, those which inevitably led to the downfall of my kingdom... Readst these words carefully, and with hope thy kingdom shall surviveth and propereth.

    • Allocating coinage to knights, catapults, and strong defenses opposite the mountains. This is a safe direction, the monsters only cometh from inland.
    • We built a tower outside the defensive wall. Every night, mine archers are defenseless against the flying daemons who consume them. I am losing people every …
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