Trees are randomly-generated structures in the world which can be commonly found outside of a Monarch's kingdom. Most trees can be cut down by builders if they are given one coin, after which an X marking will appear carved in the tree's trunk. After a builder cuts down the tree, it will disappear and the builder will earn 1 to 2 coins that he returns to the Monarch. That area of land is then designated part of the plains biome.

Certain segments of the map such as Ruins, Camps will disappear once either of the nearest tree west or east of it has been cut. If a Monarch is attempting to recruit as many citizens as possible, it is best not to tear down trees next to Camps as this will remove said camps. Some areas such as Portals and the Hermits Hut will not disappear. Background and foreground foliage will also gradually disappear if trees are cut, allowing construction of wall, tower and farm.

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