The Town Center (also known as the Starting Camp, Base, Town Hall, Castle, or Keep) is where the Monarch founds and manages most of the Kingdom. Upon the start of a new Kingdom, the Monarch comes across two Vagrants, an unlit campfire, and a few building outlines. Once 1 coin is spent to light the campfire at the center, the Kingdom is founded and base construction can begin.

After the campfire is ignited, the outlined buildings are automatically upgraded into Tool Vendors. Nearing the end of the first night, the campfire can be upgraded to the next tier, a full camp with tents. There are a total of six tiers and with most upgrades come new bonuses for the Kingdom.

Tier Name Upgrade Cost Attributes
1 Campfire 1 Unlocks Hammer and Bow Vendors for purchasing tools.
2 Village Tents 3 Kingdom: Classic: Unlocks banner and ability to alter its color and crest.

Kingdom: New Lands: No extra bonuses.

3 Wooden Fortifications 6 Unlocks Scythe Vendor

Innermost walls are built for free.

4 Town Hall 7 Unlocks the Siege Workshop, allowing the construction of Catapults.

Kingdom: Classic: The blazon can no longer be altered.

Kingdom: New Lands: Also unlocks the Financier, allowing the Kingdom to store funds in the town hall for later use.

5 Stone Fortifications 8 Requires paying 7 coins to the Architecture Shrine in the forest.

Innermost walls are upgraded to stone for free.

Innermost towers are upgraded to wooden watchtowers for free.

6 Castle Keep 9

Unlocks the ability to recruit Knights.

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