There are at four different types of Statues scattered across the world in Kingdom. Players can offer coins at the shrines to obtain one to three-day-long blessings.

Statue of ArcheryEdit

The Statue of Archery is the moss-covered archer statue which increases the accuracy of all archers in your kingdom for as long as the shrine is active. Note that the shrine does not increase the single damage of your archers' attacks, only their chance to hit the target. A four-coin offering (classicIcon Classic Five in Kingdom: Classic) gives or extends the buff provided by a single day, up to a maximum of three days. As the buff is consumed, the lights on the pillars next to the statue will slowly dim and fade. When active, the buff will illuminate the archers' arrows, while a cluster of arrows will create a laser-like projectile if fired synchronously from the same direction.

Statue of BuildingEdit

The Statue of Building is a moss-covered builder statue which increases the hit points of all defensive fortifications as long as the shrine is active. The bonus applies to all walls standing and walls constructed while the buff is active, even walls that were destroyed after the buff was last activated. An eight-coin offering gives or extends the duration of the buff by a day, for a maximum duration of three days if twenty-four coins are paid all at once. Activating the buff will make the walls glisten. Despite being associated with builders, the buff does not make builders more or less efficient. However, builders will need to repair/upgrade the existing walls first in order for the buff to take effect on those walls.

Statue of SitheEdit

newlandsIcon NewLands Kingdom: New Lands only: The Statue of Sithe is a moss-covered farmer statue which increases the yield of the crops which your farmers harvest as long as the shrine is active. A four-coin offering is enough to allow for one day of increased yields, whereas twelve coins all at once will allow the effect to persist for three days straight.

Statue of KnightsEdit

newlandsIcon NewLands Kingdom: New Lands only: The Statue of Knights is a moss-covered knight statue which increases the ability of knights to defend against and resist attacks from enemies. Knights will also actively work to defend walls in the event of enemy attacks at night. An eight-coin offering provides the ability for a full day, with twenty-four coins at once extending the ability for three days straight.

Trivia Edit

  • "Sithe" is an archaic spelling of the word "scythe."
  • Reactivating any of the statues before the previous buff expires not only refreshes duration of the previous buff but also extends the duration for the day. Players can exploit this by activating the shrine only when the previous buff is about to expire such that they get two-day duration for one-day cost of the buff.
  • A bow and arrow will appear on an activated archer shrine, a hammer will appear on an activated builder shrine, a scythe will appear on an activated farmer shrine, and a shield will appear on an activated knight shrine. Activating the subject shrines will also clear the statues from algae and mosses.

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