I want to remind everybody that the wiki is editable by absolutely anybody! Grab a pen and get writing! (No, don't.. don't actually grab a pen and write on your computer. It's a metaphor.) Hit the edit button on any page, and you can make your own changes to articles!

That being said, it'd be great if everybody who edits has a Username on Fandom Wikia; that way we can put a name to all the editors! You don't want to be known as forever, do you?

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  • 0 stubs--pages that are short and need expansion.
  • 2 articles in need of attention.
  • Fix the image templates on the Tools page
  • Add infoboxes to all pages without infoboxes (Add your own image from the game if necessary)
    • Preferably crop all images to include just the subject of the page; however, an uncropped screenshot is better than no screenshot. Cropping can be easily done using MS Paint, the accessory program included with all versions of Windows.
  • Add navboxes to the very end of all pages without a navbox.
    • To do this, go into the source for the page, and at the end (but before the categories) add the phrase {{MasterNavbox2}}
    • 2 articles with a navbox out of 46ish pages.
  • Fix all grammar/spelling errors ever. Also, fix any erroneous information you come across.
  • Do research, testing, codecracking--Whatever you need to do to turn up the most accurate results you can.

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  • edit Tools
    edited by CaptainIngold 4 days ago diff
  • discussion page Talk:Hermits
    new comment by A FANDOM user
    Comment: Désolé pour toute grammaire incorrecte, je ne suis pas bon en français. Pour que la baliste puisse tirer, vous devez faire grimper un constructeur et...
  • discussion page Talk:Breeders
    new comment by SapadorCastelo
    Comment: This is a nice idea.
  • discussion page Talk:Islands
    new comment by SapadorCastelo
    Comment: You can read what this article says, and then, if you have any doubt, we are here to help. You're welcome.
  • edit Walls
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  • edit Tax Chest
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    Summary: Grammatical error.
  • discussion page Talk:Statues
    new comment by Frube1994
    Comment: @Fandom User - As far as I have been made aware, the camera pans over to the Statue and watches as it drops the last few grains of...
  • discussion page Talk:Breeders
    new comment by A FANDOM user
    Comment: They should make it so when the breeder vomits he'll lose some health ( if he vomits 5 greedlings maybe he should lose 5 hp)
  • discussion page Talk:Statues
    new comment by A FANDOM user
    Comment: What happens if the hour glass runs out . ??? A massive a attack with infinite health or the crown would fall in to the water ????? Im rly...
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