The Knight is the only offensive unit in the game. Each Knight wields a sword and a shield and dons plated armor and a helmet. Kingdoms can normally have a maximum of four knights per map, only after upgrading their Town Center to a stone keep, where shields can be bought for 6 coins each. You can also buy shields from Knight Towers (for 6 coins). The shields will hang on the side of the Castle building until a Villager takes a shield, after which it will be replaced by a similarly colored banner, indicating that the Knight is active.

Idle Knight function is to stand near the Kingdom's defensive line at daytime, and pull just inside by nighttime. Three recruited Archers follow the Knight wherever he goes.

A Knight's defensive capabilities can be buffed with up to seven coins. Each coin acts as a health buffer for the knight (much like with the Monarch) and will also protect the knight from floaters as long as they have coins. If a Knight's pocket is not full, he will pick up nearby intentionally dropped coins.

Squires Edit

A Knight will command up to four free archers to become squires. Squires wear the Kingdom's colors on their cloth, much like Knights. They still function similarly to archers, but they no longer hunt and instead follow the knight and focus on attacking monsters instead of wildlife. They always follow and stand behind their respective knight.

Assaulting the Portals Edit

Defensive Wall with Banner

A Knight’s primary function is to destroy portals. During the day, Knights remain positioned at the banner by the Kingdom's defensive line, ready to launch an attack at the Monarch's command. When 4 coins are paid to the banner, Knights start a charge towards the nearest portal in that direction. In Kingdom: New Lands, this only sends one Knight at a time, but in Kingdom: Classic, all Knights are sent at once. The squires will immediately follow the Knights into battle.

At the portal, Knights stand in front of the squires, protecting them while they shoot at the portal. The squires also shoot monsters which come out of the portal and attack the knights. Occasionally one or two monsters will temporarily break through a Knight's defense and knock a squire out; however, as long as the Knight still stands, the Villager will try to pick his bow back up and return to the fight. If said Villager had his Coin taken away (and turned into a Vagrant), then a new squire will immediately be recruited from the central Kingdom and run towards the portal to replace the fallen one. Fighting continues until either the portal is destroyed or the attack party is eliminated.

See the Portals page for more information on assaulting portals.


  • Attacking the portal before day xx, if timed correctly, is very effective because the knights and the squires can eliminate any nightly wave that they encounter during their way to the portal. This allows players to launch an attack even though the outer wall is located far from the portal. After day xx, players can close the distance between the outer wall and the portal to avoid the nightly wave, and/or escort the knights to the portal and clear the nightly wave by dropping coins and kite the giants away from the knights before the wave reaches the knights. However, the latter strategy becomes ineffective in the later game when floaters start to spawn at night. The floaters can abduct the knights and even if the squires can free the abducted knights from the floaters, the knights will abandon the mission and walk towards the base instead.
  • Avoid building an outer wall which can result in the knight’s banner with a building spot such as a farm as this causes players to build or upgrade the spot before they can pay the knights four coins.
  • newlandsIcon NewLandsKingdom: New Lands only: Three additional knights can brought on the boat from another island. If these ones die, they cannot be replaced. When there are a) no more portals in the seaward direction and b) the Boat is being towed to sea, activating the "charge-into-battle" banner at the defensive line orders the Knights and his men to escort the Boat. Once they arrive at the docks, everybody escorting the boat becomes its crew.


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