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Kingdom: Two Crowns Information Edit

Kingdom: Two Crowns is the third installment in the Kingdom series and will be available for PC, Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and mobile. As of April 2017, there is no definitive price or release date set for Two Crowns, but the developers confirmed it will not release this year. On August 30, an update was posted on the Kingdom: New Lands Steam page revealing new information on the game. Although the project was originally intended to just be an expansion for Kingdom: New Lands, the project has since grown into a full standalone game.

The Steam post confirmed new features being included in the game, such as a new win scenario, an additional tech level, a new citizen role, local split-screen co-op that allows a second player to drop in and out of any game, a new soundtrack, completely overhauled visuals, and new skins for rulers.

Trailers and Media Edit

Kingdom Two Crowns Nintendo Switch Announce Trailer

Kingdom Two Crowns Nintendo Switch Announce Trailer

As of April 2017, there is only one trailer for the game, which advertises its' play-ability through the Nintendo Switch Gaming Console, showing both a King and Queen exploring, building, and defending their Kingdom from the incoming Greed. During this trailer, it shows many of the current Kingdom features such as military units (Archers and Knights), passive animals and units (Rabbits, Deer, Builders, Banker etc) and various mounts all doing their part for the Kingdom through hunting and fighting. At the end, it shows both parties meeting together in the middle as their Kingdom collapses to the power of the invading Greed.

Trivia Edit

  • The official trailer for the Nintendo Switch version of Kingdom: Two Crowns does not state a release date for their version of the game.
  • If the other crown is stolen the crown-less player can't build, upgrade or make weapons and tools, but still can hire vagrants.
  • At the end of the official trailer, it is to be noted that the King owns the Stag mount, whereas the Queen owns the default mount. Because of this, it is unknown if both players can share have the same mount on the map, or if only one type of that mount may exist per map.

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