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This article is about a not officially released content. For this reason all info displayed here should come strictly from official channels and may be changed as for the release date.

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Kingdom: Two Crowns is the third installment in the Kingdom series and will be available for PC, Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and mobile.

Price and release dateEdit

There is no definitive price or release date set for Two Crowns[1], but the developers are scheduling the release to the end of 2018.[2] The project was originally intended to be just an expansion of Kingdom: New Lands and had been announced to be released in 2017, but it has since grown into a full standalone game and the release date has been postponed.[3]

Official trailerEdit

Kingdom Two Crowns Nintendo Switch Announce Trailer

Kingdom Two Crowns Nintendo Switch Announce Trailer

This is the official trailer for the game,[4] which advertises its' play-ability through the Nintendo Switch Gaming Console, showing both a King and Queen exploring, building, and defending their Kingdom from the incoming Greed. During this trailer, it shows many of the current Kingdom features such as military units (archers and knights), passive animals and units (rabbits, deer, builders, banker, etc.) and various mounts all doing their part for the Kingdom through hunting and fighting. At the end, it shows both parties meeting together in the middle as their Kingdom collapses to the power of the invading Greed.

The official trailer for the Nintendo Switch version of Kingdom: Two Crowns does not state a release date for this version of the game.

New featuresEdit

New features are confirmed[5] for being included in the game, such as a new win scenario, an additional tech level, a new citizen role, local split-screen co-op that allows a second player to drop in and out of any game, a new soundtrack, completely overhauled visuals, and new skins for rulers.

On march 2018 some more details were revealed[6], now with screenshots:

  • One very big change besides co-op is that the game moved away from roguelike and will now have a proper campaign to save your kingdom from the greed. And losing your crown would start a new reign in the same kingdoms with a passage of time decay and erosion.
  • Even though the game moved away from roguelike for the bigger SP experience it'll still have new single land experiences that are roguelike and separate from the campaign mode. These will have special rules as well, i.e. no statues, classic mode, etc.
  • Fire is added as a new defense element, used by catapults!
  • Two Crowns will feature a whole new set of rulers. The differences are purely cosmetic to give players more choice to reflect their personality, especially since you can play together online.
  • New subjects: pikemen were added to solve the problem of Greed bunching up at the wall.
  • To add more progression, and not deviate from Kingdom's core gameplay, we defined Wood and Stone as a technology levels in Two Crowns and added Iron as the third level.

Cooperative gameplayEdit

5 Min of Kingdom Two Crowns at GDC 2018 (Coming to Switch)

5 Min of Kingdom Two Crowns at GDC 2018 (Coming to Switch)

A footage of the game, as it was shown at the 2018 Game Developers Conference.[7]

After the brief demo at this event, the first and most obvious benefit to co-op is that twice as much territory can be explored in a day if one person goes left and the other heads to the right. Coinage can also be shared, so if one player is short on building a guard tower or wall, it’s easy to throw some change their way. Another big bonus is that if one player has their crown stolen the game doesn’t end. The crownless player can’t build anything, but they can still gather gold coins and hand them off to the remaining ruler.[8]

Keeping up to dateEdit

Other than this page, you can also find fresh news about this game:


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