• Default Horse eating a patch of grass.
  • The Queen riding on the horse (Added in the Kingom 1.2 Beta)
  • Notice: Some information on this page may be outdated. For updated information about horses and other mounts, see Mounts.

The Horse is the default companion that stays with the Player from the Start of the game, to the End. The Player cannot disembark from the Horse, but can use it to traverse long distances within the Kingdom with ease.

The Horse can be fed by letting it stand on a grass patch for several seconds. Grass patches can be found around the Kingdom, but mostly in the central area and some areas outside in the forest on both the left and right side of the map. Erecting a building such as farm removes the grass patch from the area.

A well-fed horse can run up to 45 seconds before running out of stamina or about 25 seconds increase from horse's normal condition. Well-feeding the horse, however, does not increase its speed. A horse cannot run if it runs out of stamina. Walking or standing will recover the horse's stamina gradually. The Horse will show when it is low on stamina by panting and blowing out gusts of air from it's mouth.

A stable can spawn on the map providing the player with a choice to replace their default horse with another coloured horse with different stats for 3 coins. There a 4 other types of steeds available from the stables, Black, White, Light Brown and Dark Brown.

Black Horse: This is the fastest horse but with the least stamina.

Dark Brown Horse: This is the second fastest horse with more stamina than the black horse but less than the light brown horse.

Light Brown Horse: This is the second slowest horse with less stamina than the white horse but more than the dark brown horse.

White Horse: This is the slowest horse but with the greatest stamina.

There are two other steeds that the monarch can ride, the bear (acquired from mid-late stage islands) and the Stag (acquired from late stage islands).

The bear and the stag can be found near its den or waterfalls and lamp respectively (spawns on the map permanently) and can be swapped for your current steed for 3 gold coins, upon which your current steed will stay at the location permanently and can be obtained again for 3 gold coins.

The Bear is a slow, low stamina beast that will attack animals or enemies that it lands on while sprinting. This is extremely useful for hunting, but also, killing greed's that are retreating with stolen loot.

The Stag is a fast, high stamina beast that will 'woo' nearby deer to follow it (even into your kingdom) until attacked. Deer also do not flee from the monarch when riding the stag. This is extremely useful when trying to herd deer towards your archers for slaughter.

Trivia: Edit

  • The game does not allow players to choose or customize the horse in the Menu. However, as of 1.2 Beta, Players can purchase a new steed in game with 3 coins.
  • The stronger horse can sometimes be affected by the Stamina of the previously owned horse if you switch them out too fast. It is advisable to switch horse and then allow the newer steed to feed on the grass first before moving back out.
  • Grass patches will grow to the right and left as long as there are no obstacles. Players can allow the grass patch to expand by cutting trees but in Kingdom Classic the water stream will permanently block the grass patch expanding (?).
  • Whilst Tall Grass can spawn around the map for the Horse to eat, there are smaller grass patches that also help refuel your steed. On some occasions, small patches can appear in-between farms once multiple farmers have been assigned.