Objective (Summary) Edit

The moment you start the game, your objective is to keep the crown safe. After the tutorial stage and the foreshadow of your upcoming doom via title, you start out with two villagers and a camp. Your job is to gather coins and spend them on several parts of your kingdom. All you have to do is recruit people, give them jobs, make walls, make archer towers, upgrade your camp, expand your kingdom, and defend yourself every night to postpone your inevitable death. How exciting! Unlike the original Kingdom, where you sit there having your arse beat every time you enter the game, you get to explore islands and conquer them. This is where the new title Kingdom: New Lands kicks in. Rather than sit there watching the hordes of demons(or greeds, whatever you call them) grow larger and larger every night, you explore the forests to find a boat. It is very expensive, but after a back breaking amount of farming, you are able to have your boat set sail on the river, being tugged by your builders slowly towards the dock. Once it has docked, at the fine of the expensive amount of ten coins, which totally makes sense, you get to set sail into the ocean with the wonderful "the crown is safe" screen. How satisfying, even though you start anew with the few people you took with you on the boat to end up shipwrecked in the middle of a new island in a much harder territory. And the legend continues!

Base Camp Edit

At the center of your kingdom lies a campfire. This campfire has 5 stages, campfire, tent, tent (2.0), town hall, town hall (2.0), and castle. Some stages open up to more options. When you upgrade to a town hall, you get the option of getting scythes, which are used to get farmers. If you have unlocked the stone age via wooden shrine, once you've upgraded to the 4th stage, will instantly upgrade your inner walls into stone(stage 1) and your archer towers to stage 2, at no cost. Once you've upgraded to a castle( wooden shrine upgrade is required), you are able to get knights.

Units Edit

Before you are able to get any of the available units, you must recruit vagrants from recruitment camps. Once you've done so, they will become villagers. With nothing to do, they will linger within your inner walls, until you give them a tool. There are several tools in this game, which you can get from the stands, which include: bows, hammers, scythes, and shields. Bows will make villagers into archers, hammers will make them into builders, scythes into farmers, and shields into knights.

Archers Edit

Archers act differently depending on what role they are in. There are normal archers, royal guards, and tower archers. All archers have the tendency of having poor accuracy and often have their arrows hit the walls occasionally. To overcome this, it is power in numbers. Normal archers will linger outside the walls, hunting for rabbits and any nearby deer by day, and will defend behind the walls at night. Royal guards are paired behind the knight, and unlike archers they will not hunt bunnies or deer. They will wear the colors of your banner. The same goes towards tower archers, and like archers, will hunt for bunnies and deer, however because if their immobility, this aspect has no use.

Builders Edit

Builders are used to construct and repair walls, archer towers, catapults, portals, and to tear down trees. They are also used to man, arm, and fire catapults, as well as to push the boat to the dock.

Farmers Edit

Farmers are self-explanatory, they are used to farm. When they farm a plot of land, they will grow and harvest crops, and every time they harvest, coins will bounce out of the ground, around 4-6 coins. They are one of the biggest ways to get coins, besides the trader. Unlike other methods of collecting gold, it will not be affected by winter, making it one of the most important units to get.

Knights Edit

Knights are the only way to destroy portals. You send out one knight via banner with 4 coins, and will fend of greeds as the royal guards attack the portal. Knights can only take 1-2 hits by itself, but it can be strengthened by paying him coins, and just as how coins protect your crown, coins will protect the knight, increasing the amount of hits he will take. He will only hold 6-7 coins. Attacks from The Greed can either be blocked by the shield, or be taken as a hit. Every time the knight takes a hit, it drops a coin.

Defenses Edit

There are several types of defenses (excluding units), which include: walls, archer towers, and catapults.

Walls Edit

Walls are the most basic, and most important, defense in the game. It is the only way to prevent demons from entering kingdom grounds, knocking out your units and eventually taking your crown. There are 4 stages of walls, wooden spike, wooden wall, crude stone wall, and stone wall. Each upgrade will increase its hp, and thus increases the amount of hits it can take. The more damage it takes, the more it breaks down, as seen when chunks of the wall fall off. It can only be repaired by builders. You can only upgrade walls to stone once you've entered the Stone Age.

Archer Towers Edit

Archer towers are manned by tower archers, and this allows them to shoot over the walls, hitting the walls less often. There are 4 stages: crude, one-manned, two-manned, and three-manned. The first one is lower than the rest, and is attached to a boulder of which you build upon. The next stage gets rid of the boulder, and elevates the tower archer higher than the previous stage. The next upgrades allows the tower to be manned by two archers instead of one, and the last stage allows three to be manned at once.

Catapults Edit

Catapults shoot boulders over the walls, being able to bounce off the ground and knocking multiple demons at once. Like archers, They are capable of hitting your walls. Catapults are the ONLY way to take out multiple demons at once. This is useful for later nights as there will be more and more greeds as the days progress. The nights can get so intense to the point that, when the day starts, there are still more greeds coming towards your tower. Catapults are used to prevent the build-up of such units, which can knock off a load of potential damage to your walls.

Structures Edit

There are countless of structures within the game, which can provide you with astounding abilities.

Wooden Shrine Edit

The wooden shrine is the most essential and most important structure in the entire game. This allows you to enter the Stone Age, enabling you to build more durable structures, and being able to build a castle.

Builder's Shrine Edit

Costing 10 coins per upgrade, this increases the durability of your walls. Each upgrade lengthens the effect by two days, with the max being 3 upgrades (6 days), as indicated by the fire rune.

Archer's Shrine Edit

Costing 4 coins per upgrade, this increases the accuracy of your archers. Each upgrade lengthens the effect by two days, with the max being 3 upgrades (6 days), as indicated by the fire rune.

Sign Edit

The sign allows you to unlock structures and mount spawns on later islands. Some mount spawns are only found in their specific islands, while other structures can be found on any island.

Boat Remains Edit

The shipwrecked boat must be scrapped and repaired in order for you to use it. It is how you construct a boat to escape the island and travel to new ones.

Portal Remains Edit

From either rocks of purple ore or the remains of destroyed portals, this is where you can construct a portal of your own to teleport around in.

Enemies Edit

There are several types of enemies in the game, which include: The Greed(Greedlings), Floaters, and Breeders.

Greedlings Edit

These little grey people are the basic units of the game. They are weak against arrows, taking only 1 hit from it. However, they can come in with a brown or white mask, which can allow them to take in more hits than usual, the brown one being more durable than the white one. When they attack units, They will knock off their tool first, and after that will knock out a coin, reverting them beck to vagrants. They will take any tools or coins on the ground, and will walk back to the portal, disappearing into whatever dimension they come from. When they attack you, coins will be knocked out of your pouch and onto the floor. If you have no coins in your pouch, it will instead knock of your crown. Of which your crown is taken, it is game over for you. "No crown, No King/Queen".

Floaters Edit

These units are flying terrors, able to grab and "eat" your units. They cannot be damaged by knights, and can fly over your walls, being the only unit to affect tower archers. It is the only unit that will avoid your defensive structures and will target straight for your population. If a floater is killed when containing a unit(s), it will release one of them unconscious, and often without their tools. Floaters have no capability of harming the king/queen.


The most hard to kill unit in the game, this beast is capable of summoning greedlings, which won't retreat at sunrise, out of its portal-like mouth, and throw boulders shot previously from catapults back over the wall, knocking out your units whilst knocking off tools and your coins of you are hit. They are also the strongest unit in the game, causing more damage to the walls than greedlings. They also will knock several coins from your pouch of you are hit.

Portals Edit

There are two types of portals ingame, one being an stone arch portal, and a significantly larger cave portal, which lies at the side of a cliff at one end of the map.

Large Portal Edit

There is only one of these portals on every island, on one side, and functions just like any other portal. However, this portal cannot be permanently be destroyed. Taking more effort to destroy than the smaller equivalent, it will only be inactive for only 3 days, after which it will be active again.

Small Portal Edit

The smaller portal can be located at either side of your kingdom, and there are often multiple amounts of these scattered around the island. These portals will spawn demons every night, except after blood moon. They can be destroyed by knights, after of which cannot function anymore.

Blood Moon Edit

Blood moon comes around every 5 days, though not exact. The moon will be blood red, and enemies will be much more abundant during this period of time. If you do not fend off this horde effectively, you can weaken your forces in one side, and can cost you the game, as the costs are too much to repair. After blood moon hits, the following night will be calm, and no demons will be out to attack.

Destroying a Portal Edit

When a portal is destroyed, a horde of enemies will be flushed out of the portal before it collapses, killing your attacking units. The sky will be stained red, a black fog will roll in, and any lingering units will recede behind the walls. This is the blood moon effect, which is, of course, just like the blood moon. However, regardless of the time of day, monsters will still attack. The blood moon effect will last for a period of time, after of which will turn back to normal. This blood moon effect will not affect the day/night cycle, and, unlike the blood moon, will not make the following night a peaceful night. There is a glitch in which no demons will come out and attack your kingdom, that of which can be relieving to many.

Mounts Edit

Mounts are located though out all islands. There is the dog(can't ride that), black horse, white horse, elk, bear, war horse, and unicorn. The dog is stuck under a log, which can be released by paying a coin. IT is located at the third island. The dog is only received once per game, and can be taken by greedlings. It indicated which side they will attack every night. At the second island, there is the white and black horse, located at a stable. They can be swapped out with your horse, and are faster than the default one. The Elk... to be continued.


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