A farm is a source of passive income in the game. It is the only reliable source of income late game because rabbit bushes and deer tend to disappear when players expand their kingdom.

Water Well Edit

Players can only create a farm near a water stream, but players need to build a water well first on the stream. The cost of the water well is 6 coins (three coins in New lands).

When the well is built, a farmer will automatically proceed to the farm area to create a block of land where he or she will grow crops. A farm can facilitate up to 6 fields. However, towers and other buildings can limit the maximum amount of fields in one farm area. In addition, two farmers cannot work on the same field. Thus, the maximum number of farmers working on a farm is six. Farmers will only work on the field during the day and will return to base at night.

A field yields 4 coins when harvested (six coins in New Lands). The time required by a farmer to harvest is just less than a day. If a farmer starts to work on a land in early morning, the land should be ready to harvest in the afternoon.

Mill House Edit

Players can upgrade the water well to a mill house with 8 coins. Once upgraded, farmers and nearby builders will stay at the mill house at night. The upgrade does not increase the produce per harvest. However, it will increase the farm's production rate because farmers no longer need to walk from the base to the farm in the morning and vice versa at night.

Note that the mill house provides no defense for the farmers. Players are advised not to risk building one of it outside the walls if there is still portals on that map side.

Trivia Edit

  • If a farmer fails to tend his crops due to being attacked by a greed, they eventually begin to wilt and die.

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