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General Information Edit

The dog is a small companion found under a fallen tree that can be unlocked on the second island. Thereafter, it may spawn anywhere within a forest biome under a similar tree. Dropping a coin on the tree frees the dog and it will follow the Monarch from that point on.

While constantly disputed amongst many forums, sites and various talk pages, the Dogs "job" is to warn the Monarch of attacking Greed by barking in the direction of where they are attacking from. However, this is consistently fought over due to "buggy AI systems" and "Lack of Evidence", but has been confirmed by developers themselves that this is its job.

Trivia Edit

  • As of KNL Version 1.2.3, the Dog will follow the monarch between lands by boarding the boat as it sets sail. It is also possible to find a new Dog in the next land, but freeing the newer animal will result in the old Dog running away, de-spawning from the game.
  • As of 1.2.3, there is also a humorous visual glitch. The Dog normally jumps on to the boat last second, when departing. However, if the Monarch can get a large distance from the dog, (via rebuilt portals or very quick mounts) The dog will leap an enormous amount and seemingly in a flash it is on the boat.
  • The Dog does not engage in any form of combat, much like Vagrants, Farmers and unemployed citizens.
  • If the Greed is attacking from both sides of the map, the Dog will bark in one direction first, proceeding to turn and bark in the other afterwards.
  • As of KNL Version 1.2.3, the Dog can be kidnapped by the greed, just as the Hermit can. It is possible to save the Dog if military units can kill the Greed carrying the Dog. If not, the Dog will be taken through the portal and does not respawn on that land. The bear mount can kill the greed carrying the dog
    Dog Abduction

    A photo of the dog being kidnapped, provided by user Tacorock64

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