Blood moon wave

Screenshot from a Blood Moon attack sometime after Day L.

This page is a list of tips for surviving the nightly raids and Blood Moons. Please feel free to add what you like based on your own experiences.

The list is arranged to have the more basic tips at the top, and emphasized information written in bold. All tips are compatible with each other, unless otherwise stated. Each tip has its advantages and disadvantages to consider, but is useful to keep in mind.

Passive DefenseEdit

The following tips do not require the Monarch to be near the outer wall during an attack.

  • Upgrade the walls. Stone walls cost more but are much stronger and Tier 3 walls are pretty much necessary after the first ten or so days. Stone buildings require upgrading the Architecture Shrine.
  • Hire more archers. Archers can hunt during the day to provide some income and will group together behind the outer wall at night. There is no upper limit to how many archers can be hired. If the Monarch has the means to hire 4 or more archers per day, they can actually reach a tipping point in the archer count after which they shoot so many arrows that they can kill a Breeder before it reaches the outer wall and a Floater before it crosses the wall.
  • Have catapults and at least 8 builders in total. Catapults are always worth the trouble due to their effectiveness. If the Monarch hires enough builders to have 4 near each outer wall, 2 of them can reload and move the catapult quickly while 2 of them repairs and rebuilds the walls quickly. If the catapult has been destroyed, having even more builders helps because those near the Town Center can rush to rebuild them as soon as the Monarch orders it.
  • Activate the statues. The Statue of Archery is particularly worthwhile because it also makes soldiers hunt more efficiently during the day, and it makes a big difference when defending against agile Floaters. The additional wall durability buff from the Statue of Building remains after the statue deactivates, so activating the Statue of Building at least once between each Blood Moon is advantageous.
  • Build towers, but not at every available spot. Towers outside the walls are good for picking off Greedlings before they arrive or as they retreat after stealing something, but Floaters will target these towers first and will succeed unless more archers are nearby on the ground. Archers will constantly try to reach and man them again, leaving the safety of the walls and possibly running straight into the Greed. Towers deep within the kingdom are good for protecting the Monarch's retreating subjects, but unless the Monarch has many archers, the archers in these towers might be more useful for preventing the breach of the outer wall in the first place. Towers near walls are much more effective because the greed is constantly within their range while stalled by the walls. With all this considered, it seems like the best places to build towers are just inside the outer walls, if the rocks exist.
  • Hire knights for defensive purposes IF you have many archers AND a second wall close to the outer wall. Knights do not fight when defending, but they retreat back with their squire archers by 1 wall when the outer wall is beginning to crumble. The squires will not be fighting if they are retreating, and this is troublesome if the next wall is very far, but they will be covered by other archers and be ready to face the Greed if all else fails. It is also worth noting that during the day squires don't hunt and that knights with their squires usually walk back up to the outer wall as it gets repaired/rebuilt. The knights are also helpful for defense because when holding enough coins, they can block the rocks thrown by Breeders, protecting the squires just behind them from being hit.
  • Don't upgrade any farms near the Town Center. This is important particularly in earlier days, when the kingdom is small. The Town Center, with its double walls and towers, is the safest place for farmers to be during a Blood Moon, and they wont lose that much time anyway when walking back in the mornings.

Active DefenseEdit

These following tips require the Monarch to be near the (correct) outer wall before or during an attack. To quickly find and reach the side being attacked, the Monarch has options like looking for the active portal(s) during the afternoon, or checking with a Dog, or using teleportation portals to cross the kingdom quickly.

  • Drop a few coins just outside the outer wall before an attack, if you have coins to spare. Greedlings will go for the coins instead of the wall and then try to run away. When one Greedling dies another will pick up the same coin. Like this, up to 3 Greedlings will not attack the wall thanks to 1 coin. Depending on one's budget, it may be better to use coins to defend instead of rebuild and rehire. Make sure to not empty the gold pouch entirely, as the Monarch will become vulnerable, and take into account that builders wandering near the wall at night might pick up some of the coins the Monarch had dropped there.
  • If the outer wall is falling, drop a few coins just inside it. This is a frustrating tactic because the Monarch need to avoid being hit and make sure not to drop all of their coins while not dropping coins too close to archers, but it helps if one can pull it off because then the archers get a few precious seconds to get away from the breeders while firing directly at them. Again, sometimes it is better to use coins to protect rather than rebuild. Dropping coins throughout the whole retreat is too risky as Greedlings will run faster than archers and target the Monarch as well.
  • If you have the Warhorse, use its protection boost as the wall is falling. The boost will make up to 20 or so of the Monarch's nearby subjects not fall in one hit. This is particularly useful when a Breeder punches protected archers, who will be thrown back but still able to fight from the newly gained distance.
  • If you have the Great Bear, use it to attack Greedlings, if there aren't too many of them. The bear is particularly useful against Greedlings that are carrying something, but the Monarch will be attacked otherwise and so this tactic is very risky.
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