coinIcon CoinCoins are the basic unit of currency in Kingdom. The Monarch can purchase, build, upgrade, and acquire many things using coins, and they are considered to be the most fundamental aspect of the game.

Coins can be acquired through Farming, Hunting, Logging, paying the Merchant (newlandsIcon NewLands Kingdom: New Lands only), collecting Taxes (classicIcon Classic Kingdom: Classic only), earning bank interest (newlandsIcon NewLands Kingdom: New Lands only), and finding Treasure Chests out in the wilderness.

Coins are used to recruit Vagrants, purchase Tools, build & upgrade various Structures around the Kingdom, and to order various tasks be done (such as logging or ordering an assault on a portal). Coins can also be used as a buffer against direct attacks which would otherwise cause the Monarch to lose the Crown. Coins can also be given to Knights to add extra protection and health to resist enemy attacks as well. Lastly, coins can be dropped behind fleeing townsfolk to protect them from attacking Greedlings -- They prefer stealing coins over attacking people.

The Coin Pouch Edit

The coin pouch, also called the money bag or purse, is where the Monarch keeps their coins. The pouch fills up as the Monarch picks up coins and empties when coins are dropped, showing the Monarch's precise coin count at all times.

At the start of their reign the Monarch has an empty pouch, while in Kingdom: New Lands the Monarch bring with them the coins they had when leaving the previous island. The coins in the pouch can be different colors, but they all function as normal gold coins when removed.

The coin pouch can comfortably hold up to about 40 coins, becoming "full". However, it is possible to overfill the pouch, making the capacity effectively about 50 coins. Coins picked up while overfilling are increasingly likely to slip off the overflowing pile, falling onto the ground or into the river.

A Monarch with an overflowing coin pouch has a number of options to consider:

  • They can run past subjects in order to not let them stop and deliver coins.
  • They can spend the coins right away on good investments such as building walls or paying statues.
  • They can drop a few coins to archers or farmers for temporary safekeeping (In Kingdom: Classic villagers and builders do not give back more than two coins while in New Lands they don't pick up more than two coins).
  • They can drop coins outside the outer walls to have fewer attacking greedlings that night.
  • In New Lands, they can give as many coins as they wish to the Banker for safekeeping.

Gallery Edit

Empty pouch
Partial pouch
Full pouch
Overfull pouch
Overflowing pouch

Trivia Edit

  • Overflowing the coin pouch by Day VI grants the achievement "By Day Six I Was Rich".

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