The Monarch (Player Character)Edit

When the game is first started, the player can choose to have their Monarch, the character they play as and through which they interact with the world, be either a King or a Queen. The King wears a crown and a colored cape while the queen wears a tiara and colored dress. By pressing the down button during the loading screen, gender, skin color, and the color of the cape or dress will be randomized, letting the player decide on their preference. Once selected, players cannot change their character unless they start a new game. Players also get their character a banner with random sigil after they establish a camp in game. The color of the banner will be the same with the colour of the character's cape or dress. With 3 coins, players can keep the banner and the colour permanently. However, if players decide later not to keep the current banner and colour, players can remove the banner icon in pause screen before starting a new game.

Non-Playable Characters (NPCs)Edit

There are three different types of NPCs currently in the game, which include three different types of vendors, a merchant, and a financier.


The vendors are situated primarily in the base. They are able to sell either bows, hammers, or scythes to the monarch, for prices of two, three, and four coins respectively for one of each tool. When players purchase a tool from them, the tool will show up in a rack in front of the vendor. This will attract an available villager nearby to grab the tool. Players can store up to four of the same tools in the rack at a time.


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See the main article.

newlandsIcon NewLands New Lands:
The merchant can initially be found at a hut where the merchant appears to spend time trapping or foraging to gather retinue. Once the base is constructed, the merchant will then leave his hut and enter your base, providing you 8 coins the next morning. Paying the merchant a single coin will send him back out for the day, returning to his hut to resume trapping and foraging, and returning in the evening to provide 8 more coins in the morning. This will continue unless you stop paying him one coin every day, or the trees around the merchant's hut are cut down, causing the hut to disappear and merchant to leave permanently. The merchant will only give coins once a day and during day time only. The merchant will not accept/give coins to you if you just destroyed the portal.

classicIcon Classic Kingdom Classic:
The merchant can be found deep in the woods, wandering around. He will not be attacked by the greeds, and will ignore them. The monarch can instead pay 4 coins to the merchant. The merchant will slowly walk up to the monarch's base and fill up one of the tool's rack. If the tools' rack has been filled (some tools existing at the rack already), the merchant will only fill it up to 4 tools.


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The financier, also known as the treasurer or investor, appears in your base after it is upgraded to a town hall. Giving the financier up to ten coins will result in them storing those coins in your town hall for the night, before returning them to you plus interest the next morning. The more coins that you store in the town hall, the more interest is returned to you the next morning. The financier will remain even after upgrading your town hall to a castle.

Sadly, there is no Financier in Kingdom: Classic.

Hermits Edit

newlandsIcon NewLandsIn Kingdom: New Lands only, hermits can be found living in cottages in the woods. They can be called out of their homes for 4 coins and can hop on the back of the Monarch's mount for 1 coin. They are used to specialize fully upgraded guard towers.

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