The Breeder is a giant enemy and a much larger version of the normal Greedlings. Breeders can plow through walls by returning discarded catapult boulders as well as with heavy fist attacks. They also regularly spawn Greedlings with a sort of vomit action. Breeders and their Greedlings do not flee when the sun rises, and they melt into goo after taking sufficient damage.

The Breeder's primary attack is a punch that can knock down swathes of men with a single blow. This leaves townsfolk disarmed, knocked prone, and vulnerable to Greedling attacks. Breeders can also attack by picking up the boulders that were previously fired with a catapult and then throwing them against the walls or at the Kingdom's subjects. This attack can be as devastating to defense forces as it is when used against the Greed; it has an area of effect, and it disarms and knocks prone up to 5 defenders at a time.

In light of that, catapults as well as ballistas still remain the strongest weapons against Breeders, as boulders and ballista shots still do massive damage. They do not die with only shot, but they can be taken down quickly by the combined efforts of both catapults and archers.

Breeders may also be known as Bosses, Ogres, or Giants

Gallery Edit

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