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The Banker, also known as the Financier or the Treasurer, is a unique subject who will store coins at the main building in the Town Center when the Monarch drops coins to him. He will also produce a few extra coins as interest. He makes a good bank for protecting the Kingdom's treasure during the night as well as for stashing coins in preparation for the long winter, when the options for generating income are greatly reduced.

Gold Storage

A castle keep (Town Center) partially filled with some coins.

When given fewer than 10 coins, the Banker holds onto them, but they are considered as stored. When given 10 coins, he walks over to the castle doorway to deposit them, and will then be ready to pick up more coins. This can be repeated up to an unknown maximum limit.

By standing or walking near the Banker, the Monarch will either withdraw 1/3 of the coins stored or have their coin pouch filled to the top, whichever is smaller. The Banker allows unlimited withdrawals and deposits each day, although withdrawals are locked for the day as soon as a deposit of 10 coins is made (to reduce frustration from accidentally withdrawing everything the Monarch just deposited).

The Monarch can approximately tell how much money is stored in the town hall/castle by observing the pile of coins inside. If there are enough coins stored to fill the money pouch are zero to three(?) times, the coin pile will visibly rise or fall while coins are being deposited or withdrawn by the Banker. If there are more coins in storage than this, the coin pile will not change, even though it looks like there is more space for it to rise.

Give money me, take friendship whoso list,
For friends are gone, come once adversity,
When money yet remaineth safe in chest,
That quickly can thee bring from misery;
Fair face show friends when riches do abound;
Come time of proof, farewell, they must away;
Believe me well, they are not to be found
If God but send thee once a lowering day.
Gold never starts aside, but in distress,
Finds ways enough to ease thine heaviness.

-- Poem by Barnabe Googe; appears on the Banker's Steam trading card

Trivia Edit

  • It is unknown what the maximum limit of coins can be provided to the Banker. At first, it was believed to be 101, but after further testing and confirmation by users, it appears as if there is no limit. (Thank you to Fandom User 188 for this information ~Frube1994)
  • All coins a Monarch stores with the Banker are lost when the Monarch leaves the island, even if the Monarch returns to the same island later on.
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