The Archer is a subject which will hunt animals to collect coins, during the day and defend the base from enemies at night. They are the most basic combat unit in the kingdom and are critical to any base's defense throughout the game.

Archers will automatically occupy any defensive positions that are built, from basic platforms to stone towers. They won't leave on their own, meaning they'll stay on guard, unless they get mugged by the Greed, captured by floaters, or hit by a breeder's smash or boulder toss. While occupying any defensive position, archers won't actively hunt wild animals, but they will shoot deer that wander near or into the base.

Archers will also accompany knights into battle. When a knight is hired, they will enlist multiple archers at random to accompany them, with these archers becoming squires under the knight's command. Only archers that roam freely will be enlisted.


The power of Archers! - Kingdom- New Lands (Short)

The power of Archers! - Kingdom- New Lands (Short)

A short video showing the effects of archers in large quantities during a blood moon.

  • At the beginning of the day, archers at the outer walls always split themselves into two groups. One group will stay in front the wall and another group will patrol to the other outer wall. The split is not always even. Knowing this fact, it is advisable for players to not expand too far such that the archers patrolling from one side to another do not take more than half day to reach and defend the other wall unless players have absurd number of archers.
  • At night, archers will retreat and stay behind the outer wall. If one has more in number than the other side, some archers will walk to the other side to even out the number.
  • On the steam description for Kingdom: New Lands there is a picture of an archer shooting an arrow at a target.
  • If players upgrade the outer wall right before the archers retreat, the archers will walk back to the next wall instead which would leave the outer wall undefended. In addition, the archers will immediately leave their current post for the other wall once the upgrade is completed. This could leave archers in vulnerable position if monsters could break the outer wall before the archers can reach the other wall. Players often make a mistake of upgrading the other wall in the late afternoon thinking that they can complete the upgrade right before the monsters attack but are often caught unaware of the archers' position.
  • Archers usually avoid going into a forest but one or two archers sometimes do to hunt deer. If the forest is cleared, archers will venture far from the outer walls and will only start to return when the night comes.

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